Blogging in the Classroom Discussion

Please participate in our discussion on Blogging in the Classroom. Your participation and insight into this important topic is helpful as we continue to learn about the impact of Social Media on various aspects of our society.


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Lynn Hummel is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg University. He specializes in bringing the worlds of technology and education together.

17 thoughts on “Blogging in the Classroom Discussion”

  1. I personally think blogging in the classroom is a great idea. I think it would promote a lot of communication between students and also between students and teachers. Teachers can give students individual feedback if needed as well that can be posted right to the blog. Teachers can also share other resources that are related to the material being learned.


    1. I agree with almost everyone here, I feel like blogging would be a great way to post those questions you are to shy to raise a hand for. Easily, one question leads to another and sooner or later you have a bigger discussion than you ever imagined!


  2. Blogging in the classroom is a platform within which classmates can share and exchange knowledge of varying points of view. It leaves each student with a take from different perspectives.


  3. I have never tried blogging in the classroom, nor have I ever had to blog in one of my teacher’s classes. I think that it would be a great way to share ideas among students. Also, technology is such a big part of people’s lives these days that I feel as though students would enjoy blogging rather than being told to write an essay. I feel like it would be a more appealing alternative. Are there any teachers in the class that have tried it out?


  4. I found this article that discusses pros and cons of blogging in the classroom.

    One of the pros that I thought was very true is that students who are too quiet to speak during class discussions might feel comfortable sharing their opinions in a class blog. I often was too afraid to speak up in a classroom setting, and I find that blogging my opinions is much easier sometimes.


  5. I think blogging in the classroom is huge and is becoming a necessity in the education sector. Blogging allows student expression witch is the heart and soul of “learning”. Blogging lets students express themselves while giving them the ability to ask questions and get answers.


  6. I have had students use blogs, but have never had them blog themselves. Rather I have used other online writing activities like forums, chats, collaborative google documents and slide presentations, etc. Although these activities are not blogs per se, I believe they are similar in that they encourage collaboration and social learning. Now that I see how easy blogging is, I may use it in my classrooms in the future. I especially like the idea of using blogging in my psychology classes for online journaling activities.


  7. I find blogging in the classroom a great idea. I think the sole fact that a student isn’t writing with pen and paper or on the general Word document allows for students to grow as a writer and communicator. In one of my classes during my undergrad, it was a weekly assignment to blog on WordPress. It could be about anything. If I were told to do an assignment in a Word document, I would format it like an educational paper and write what I thought my professor wanted to hear. However, when I was told to blog I felt free and creative. I wrote what I wanted and I reflected in my own create way, which I really think opens up the mind. Also, the features of being able to add images and hyperlinks to other websites and so on make it a lot more engaging and interesting for the student.


  8. I think blogging in the classroom is a great way for students to start creating a digital portfolio for themselves and start marketing themselves online at a young age. Having a good web presence is great for businesses but I think it is becoming more and more important for people to market themselves online too. Also going along with what a bunch of other people said before me, it gives them a great medium to share and exchange knowledge.
    – Chris Porfido


  9. Blogging in the classroom can be useful for sharing information amongst classmates by creating a community of practice. Additionally, I think blogging sparks creativity which I feel is missing in sub college level education. Also, students have a chance to work with technology while practicing their communication skills which I feel is very beneficial to them.


  10. Blogging in the classroom can improve students writing skills and build their confidence as writers. Through blogging, students can take ownership of their writing, become more understanding of others writing, and develop a powerful understanding of an audience. Blogging blends both the open aspect of short pieces that can be written in a relatively low-stakes environment with the benefits of claiming one’s own voice and learning how to develop and articulate ideas to a larger audience

    -David Johnson


  11. Classroom Blogging: Pros and Cons

    I believe course blogs offer students an engaging, new way to interact amongst each other, as well as with their teachers. There are many pros. For example, blogs allow the learning experience to transcend the classroom, in so far as students have the option to post whenever an idea worth noting strikes them. They can be an incredibly useful tool as they serve as a record of class discussions that can later be referenced with ease, in ways that verbal dialogue cannot be. Students will be learning and practicing the utilization of a technology form along side of whatever the topic of their course is, both doubling and enhancing the educational experience. Moreover, people who tend to blog typically do so, because it is an activity that they enjoy. Getting to contribute to a classroom discussion forum could be fun for a lot of students; at least, more fun than a typical assignment. That being said, for a course blog to be a worthwhile activity, students must see the value in it and be engaged. Otherwise, you run the risk of losing student interest, and then the instructor will likely become the primary “poster” of information.


  12. I never really thought about blogging in the classroom setting until we talked about it in this class. I always felt it was good for maybe High School students to particpate as the introduction until I found This seemes like a pretty cool idea and it gets parents involved in the learning process so they know what their kids are doing in school. It also lets the kids have another way to express themselves and participate with each other in a different way. I also think this is a great tool for students who are on sick leave to still feel like they are in the classroom learning.


  13. Blogging is a powerful technology that allows a person to reach a broad audience for multiple purposes. It can be use in the classroom effectively to promote peer to peer learning, in the workplace to take the learning beyond the classroom, LMS or any other type of learning solution. As business tool to promote a product, service or brand is priceless because of its simplicity.

    Here are some great links:

    Peer-Peer Learning in the classroom:

    Peer-Peer Learning in the workplace:


  14. Blogging in the classroom is a great idea, and could help to keep an open channel of discussion between professors and students. Blogging could also allow for the spread of new ideas or information among the students of a class. If a student has an excellent idea about a subject, a blog would give them an efficient way to share that idea with the rest of the class.


  15. I am a huge fan of the idea of bringing Blogging into the classroom. I really like the idea of having an open place for two way communication that can be monitored. As a future educator I would love to see blogging used in the classroom as a way for teachers and parents to communicate with one another on specific topics and assignments. I can also really see myself using blogging in the classroom to post day to day updates for parents to read and show pictures of students work. With all of the crazy regulation of who can be in and out of the school buildings having a virtual way to make parents as involved. Blogging is a definite yes for me in my future classroom and should be for any!


    1. I think that blogging in the classroom is a fantastic idea. I know that there are many students who deal with severe anxiety when it comes to participating in discussions in the classroom, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything quality to add to the conversation. For some, putting thoughts into words is easier in the form of writing/blogging and can truly be a savior for some students who have issues communicating verbally for a variety of reasons.


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