Classroom Blogging

For my Online Journalism class that I took a year ago, we needed to create a WordPress blog. We were allowed to pick a topic of interest and then had to discuss a weekly topic. I found this very beneficial because it allowed us to use writing to express a topic that we enjoy researching. The weekly blog posts had started to spark an interest in other users. Some class members started to have almost a hundred people following their particular blog and enjoying the topics discussed. Blogging for my Online Journalism class has allowed me to add a great writing piece to my portfolio and allowed me to find my style of writing. My question for everyone is, what exactly do you think makes a topic more attractive to users and what causes them to follow a certain blog?



One thought on “Classroom Blogging”

  1. I think a lot of it has to do with what people are currently interested in. I know there are times I will hear about something and then go follow it for awhile and sometimes I even go back and unfollow it. I had posted on sites like Facebook regarding things that were extremely present in the media and it would blow up! We all know the media tends to spark everyone’s interest!


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