Digital Technology – Replacing teachers?

When I was in high school we had computers and were just making our way to the world of smart boards. Although I only spent about a year in school with this technology I found that it was more of a hassle than anything because the teachers weren’t informed or trained on how to use them, needless to say a lot of time was wasted.

I’ve only been out of school for about four years and I look back and see a world of difference. Not only are smart boards in every classroom but students have their own laptops and the computers in the labs are not “dinosaurs”. There has even been some talk about letting students take classes online. Because of budget cuts certain departments are being downsized and taking a hard hit but they would still like to have the students learn about the topics.

Do you guys think that taking a lower education level and trusting them to fulfill requirements on their own is a good idea? I know how I was and there is just no way I would’ve taken it serious. And do you think this will prevent their social skills from growing? I’ve heard of the Khan university and think it’s great, but only as an aid, not as the only way of learning.


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My name is Rachel! I am currently Graduate Student at Bloomsburg University.I am a huge fan of rescue animals and love my two pups so very much! Anything outdoors related I will most likely love, unless it involves snow!

4 thoughts on “Digital Technology – Replacing teachers?”

  1. I think that online learning is a great way to learn at your own speed, but I do see the negatives. I was always told growing up that if you are home schooled/online schooled that you would perform negatively in social interaction situations. Overall I feel like that isn’t the way online learning is anymore. Students can now communicate first hand with their educators through video chat, audio chat, or just text chat. The possibilities are endless when it comes to online learning. Online learning also allows for the openness to learn whatever you want. No one stops learning so I think overall it would be beneficial.


  2. I think technology is a great learning resource but I still believe students need teachers to guide them and be there when they get stuck, especially at lower education levels. I know in high school I probably wouldn’t have been able to handle the responsibility of basically teaching myself everything I needed to know. When it comes to social skills, I feel like it depends on how the learning is handled. Are the students using technology for learning outside of school and still attending like normal students? If so I think social interactions would still be normal. But, once you take away the classroom environment and interacting with other students it may have an impact on social interactions. I agree with Stefanie that students can still interact online with teachers and educators but it is also important they interact with other students as well. Overall, I do think using technology for learning is a very good resource but I would hate to see it replace teachers and the usual school environment.


  3. I do no think that replacing teachers with technology will be good for education. I think that using online courses to teach younger students will be very difficult. The students are not as motivated to learn as adults and older students, so online classes will not keep them focused. I personally think that if students stay at home behind their computers and do not have classmates to interact with, it will affect their social skills; But with technology today online courses do have a social aspect to them (ex. chat boxes, webcam). However, I still think that none of that compares to face-to face interaction.


    1. Jade I completely agree! I couldn’t imagine my ten year old nephew actually focusing on the class instead of making his way to a game site. And I see how he loves interacting with his friends at recess, I would hate to see how it would be without all of the face to face interaction!


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