Encouraging the use of social media with students

I can remember being in elementary school and waiting every summer for our class schedules to come in the mail. On this one sheet of paper was our homeroom, location and all of our classmates names. Venturing to middle school they had put everything online. Which in a sense was kind of scary because there were no passwords needed to log on. Look even further ahead to high school, where neither of these were an option. You simply saw who were in your classes when you got there.

I look at my nephews who are in 6th and 7th grade and because of safety issues this stuff has completely changed. They are now being allowed to have a Facebook account through their school. This way everything is monitored somehow through the school board and the school has access to all accounts. How can this be anymore safe?

They have also begun using blogging sites, administrative sites and even Facebook pages with groups for the students to join. My sister told me that some classrooms even have Facebook groups where they will post the daily assignments just in case the student had forgotten their planner or missed school that day.

For all of my teachers out there, is this a common practice for bigger schools? I went to a fairly small school so this seems absolutely ridiculous to me. I get trying to incorporate social media into the classroom to teach social media safety but is it smart to have third and fourth graders rely heavily social media? I’m obviously not a teacher but are there better ways to get students comfortable with usage?



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4 thoughts on “Encouraging the use of social media with students”

  1. I am not a teacher but I am shocked by this. I understand trying to integrate what the students want to use and converting it into a classroom setting, but my school blocked Facebook and every other possible social media site so that students wouldn’t use it. I think it might be a good idea to have a Facebook group for assignments for students, but why not have a more proper way of informing the students? Facebook just doesn’t seem to be the answer to the classroom in my opinion.


  2. Very interesting read. I can see why this topic is very controversial, especially when considering the safety and privacy of students.

    On one hand, I can see why posts via Facebook (or other social media devices) could be very useful in reminding students about assignments and keeping them involved. However, I can’t help but be resistant to this type of lesson plan, because it seems like it does not encourage accountability of students- and also encourages a strong reliance on technology.

    As technology becomes more and more exposed to the youth of America, do you think we should continue trying to resist these changes? Or should we embrace the convenience and efficiency that these tools provide?

    I am still on the fence.


  3. I agree with Kathleen’s comment. When I first read that teachers put assignments on Facebook, I thought immediately “this cannot be helpful in any way to a young mind.” I see that age as where you should at least start developing organization skills and have somewhat of a responsibility of writing down your own homework. I know for a fact when I was in elementary school I had an assignment book and it was required to write down the assignments in the book and have our parents initial it to inform the teachers that they saw it and we completed it. But then again, it is 2015 not 2000. I am completely all for the use of technology in the classroom for learning, but not for replacing responsibilities.


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