Blogging and Learning

Since technology and social media seem to keep taking over more and more among teens and young adults, why not use these things to promote learning? Blogging doesn’t just have to be about someone’s interests or their personal diary, I think it can be used as a beneficial learning tool that can be utilized by schools.

Some of the benefits blogging could have on learning are for one, increasing communication between students. Say they have a homework assignment that requires them to read an article and blog about their opinion on it. Using a classroom blog will allow students to communicate with each other about the material they read and see how other students interpreted the material.

This same scenario can work the same way for student/teacher interaction and communication.  A classroom blog allow teachers to give feedback to students. If a student didn’t understand a part of the assignment, they can ask questions about it when they post to the blog and the teacher can respond. This may be helpful to other students as well because it is possible that other students may have had a problem with the same part of the material so it’s like answering multiple questions all at once.

All of this boils down to increasing communication between students and teachers, and students with other students as well. A lot can be learned from the people around you which will be beneficial in the long run.

– Angelica Krieger


2 thoughts on “Blogging and Learning”

  1. I think that you have a good way of looking at using blogging in the classroom. The use of blogging to answer multiple questions from the classroom is a great way to communicate with students. I believe that this may be difficult for the teacher to constantly keep up with the questions of the students, though. In addition, it may prohibit students from commenting on the posts and interacting with each other. I believe that this is a good way for students to interact with teacher, but it takes a certain type of student to be able to work with this type of format and responsibility.


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