Considering 8 Technologies That Will Shape Future Classrooms.

It is evident that technological advances are yielding very drastic changes in the classroom environment. In my research, I discovered many articles about the possibilities that will be made available to the next generation of students.

As a generation that grew up with little to no technological integration in the classroom, this topic is foreign and intimidating. However, we have to embrace the changes and consider how we can incorporate these changes into traditional styles of teaching.

The article provided shows 8 technological advances that will be making big changes in our children’s lives. For example: virtual augmentation, and 3D printers. One interesting topic that I like in this article is the idea of cloud computing. They state how “the dog ate my homework” will no longer pass as a valid excuse for upcoming generations (however it makes me worry how much the “my technology failed” will work for future students).

Personally, I feel that the drastic advance in technology are very intimidating, but I also feel that resisting the changes is only setting us back. To that end, it is a very exciting time for Instructional Designers, like myself. It is clear that classrooms will have a constant need to incorporate traditional methods of teaching with technological advances, and as Instructional Designers it may be our job to consider how we encourage traditional social and classroom learning skills on these platforms.

Want to know more about eLearning Opportunities? Provided are two eLearning blogs that are creative eLearning blogs from professionals in the field. I found these sites to be both education and inspiring in the eLearning community.

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