E-Learning – Is there still room for improvement?

Designing and implementing e-learning goes beyond having the right software and its corresponding equipment. It greatly depends on the contents and depth of the instructional material. Researchers have shown that learners determine the success of any e-learning project. It greatly depends on how the learner’s attention is grabbed and how it is maintained throughout the entire instruction or sequence of instructions.

Connie Malamed from the E-learning coach has a great article on 5 ways in which e-learning can be continuously improved and ensure the learner remains interested, engaged and focused.

Click on the link below to read the full blog post:

Connie Malamed – 5 Levers of Learning

Cathy Lyonga


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Cathy Lyonga

MSIT candidate and Graduate Assistant in the Instructional Technology program of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

2 thoughts on “E-Learning – Is there still room for improvement?”

  1. Hi Cathy! I believe there is ALWAYS room for improvement no matter what the circumstance is! Elearning is supported by different technologies. Technology is constantly improving and evolving. The way we learn with technology has no choice but to improve due to the constant updates on both learning curriculums and technology. Great article, Connie Malamed made good points about motivation and support to improve eLearning.


  2. I totally agree with this post! When you say “Researchers have shown that learners determine the success of any e-learning project.” this proves true over and over again. One of the most important things in instructional design, in my opinion, is grabbing the learners attention and building their motivation!


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