Benefits of Social Media in the Workplace

Most companies have a strict social media policy forbidding employees from using social media sites while at work. The company I worked for and a many other companies even apply restrictions to the computers so that employees cannot access social media sites.  Have you ever wondered why they go to this extreme to block employees from social media sites? I agree that it could be distracting to employees, but if employees were to let social media distract them from preforming their job they were not motivate employees from the beginning. You should hire employees that you trust, and know that they will get their work done. When imposing restrictions like these it can cause employees to not feel valued, and lead to an increase in turnover. Not only does restricting social media in the workplace hurt companies, but using and promoting social media in the workplace can actually benefit the company! Check out the website below that talk about the benefits of social media in the workplace. Some of the benefits that social media can bring to the work place are an increase in productivity, collaboration between employees, higher retention rates. I think that more companies should form social media networks for their employees do you agree? How do you feel when you are restricted from using certain sites at your job?

– Jade Hargrove


One thought on “Benefits of Social Media in the Workplace”

  1. I have thought about this many times! I was an intern in the Human Resources department in a company in Indiana and noticed that our company DID NOT block social media sites! This was interesting to me until I received an email the next day saying that I had not used the work computer properly because I had logged in to my pinterest account for a work idea and pinterest is on the “quarantined” list! I couldn’t believe it because I actually was using it to get ideas about things to do for employee appreciation week! I feel it is so useful for companies to allow their workers to use social media on the job because it can really help them to come up with new and creative ideas or even just to help with marketing for the organization!


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