How to Create Content That Gets Shared

So today I read an interesting blog about making content that others will like and share. The blog provided really interesting tips about the different content that people tend to deem important enough to share with their friends and followers. Face it, we all share cool videos and articles that we think are interesting, so why not try to make our own content to be shared around the internet? This blog helped me to see how this can be made possible.

To sum it up, there are 5 content pillars that you need:

-Informational content

-Storytelling content

-Emotional content

-Interactive content

-Snackable images

Basic 5 pillars
Basic 5 pillars

If you would like to read this article to get more information you can visit the link below:

Even though sharing may not be a priority for you, it is a big way that companies are able to promote themselves. Can you think of any other ways getting shares can help a “non-business-oriented” person to promote something about themselves? How else can sharing be useful? I hope this article helps you to open your mind and think about the usefulness of getting your content shared!

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