Review of “How to start safely using social media in the classroom”, a helpful blog by Jessica Sanders


How to start safely using social media in the classroom is a basic guide on key things to consider when using social media with students.  The author, Jessica Sanders, has some good points.  She states that before a teacher uses any new form of social media, he or she should learn it first.  I agree with this as such learning allows a teacher to predict and develop plans to address issues before they arise.  School policies can help, but planning for such contingencies is the best way to go.  I like Jessica’s message that issues that can arise should not intimidate and prevent teachers from using social media with students.  She suggests that learning can come from mistakes and this helps students develop digital literacy skills.  Moreover, she suggests that focusing on safety (see image below) and including parents helps students learn appropriate behavior.  Her final message is that teachers should simply try using social media to see how it engages students and encourages collaboration.  I think this is a very positive and inspiring message.


I still do have some concerns with using social media.  My major concern is liability.  Something that starts in my class could very easily continue in the social media universe without me knowing about it.  Can teachers be held liable for student postings that may in some way start in a classroom discussion?  Is this a valid concern?  If you were a teacher, what would your biggest concern about using social media with students be?

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One thought on “Review of “How to start safely using social media in the classroom”, a helpful blog by Jessica Sanders”

  1. On Social Media pages, you always see images of children holding signs saying, “My teacher is doing an experiment to show the dangers of social media! Please share! Blah blah blah” In my humble opinion, I think this is the wrong way to go about it.

    Most of these sites have a minimum age of 13, so students younger than that shouldn’t even be using social media. When I was in elementary school, we were always told about our permanent record. Social media is the REAL permanent record.


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