Increasing Traffic to Your Social Media Sites

We all have social media sites but everyone has different numbers of friends, subscribes, network and followers on their site. Have you ever wondered how you can get more viewers to your social media site? Why does it seem as though you are doing the same thing as everyone else but they may have 3 times the amount of followers than you? I wonder this all the time! I have a YouTube channel that does not get many views but I dedicate so much time recording, editing, and posting my videos. This can be frustrating sometimes because I feel as though I have quality content and my content is as good as the person that has 3 times the subscribers as me. I thought I should do some research to find out why this happens. Below is a site that touch on 7 ways to help bring traffic to your social media sites.


I believe that the blog linked above did a great job covering different strategies on increase traffic to your social media site. The blog also got a lot of feedback and comments that were also helpful.

Have you ever wondered why someone else has so much more traffic to their social media site when you have the same quality content or better?

What are some tricks and tips you use to get more viewers/followers?

-Jade Hargrove


One thought on “Increasing Traffic to Your Social Media Sites”

  1. This was so interesting. I’m not one to have a lot of followers, I keep my Facebook friends down to people I definitely know in my life, I have about 300 followers on Twitter and 340 followers on Instagram. Those numbers are perfectly fine with me, but I always did wonder how certain people have thousands of followers. I just assumed that they follow a lot of people so those people can follow them back, I didn’t realize all the other different ways people go about it. And I didn’t even know that there was a way you can tweet a quote like #1 in your link.


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