In Jay Cross’s blog, he discusses a presentation by Howard Rheingold where he emphasized co-learning.

In the article, he states, “Since the teacher learns more than the student, let’s all be both teachers and students. Esteemed co-learners, your job is to create new co-learning communities. If a group doesn’t exist for facilitate your informal learning, make one.”

In his conclusion, Jay Cross elaborates that the workplace is an open-book exam. I agree with this. As long as people have a healthy work environment, collaborating to solve problems and share information should be a method of training. It is my opinion that Peeragogy is an awesome system for companies to develop talent, especially when on a tight budget.

The link is shared below. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Also below is a link to the Peeragogy handbook:

Imam Elahi, MSIT Candidate




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