Quiz Your Social Media Logo Knowledge

I decided for my second blog for my social media class, I would talk a little about social media logos. Since social media is such a big thing nowadays, most people can now recognize the logo for Facebook as much as the golden arches for McDonalds whether they are any type of member on a social media site or not. After some searching around, I found a very simple and quick 10 question quiz on how much you know your social media logos.

You can take the quiz here: Social Media Logo Quiz

I got a 90% out of 100% which means I answered 9 correctly out of 10. How well do you know your social media logos?


picture credit

Sarah Dalley


5 thoughts on “Quiz Your Social Media Logo Knowledge”

    1. I got 100%, not sure how because I didn’t know like three of them. I guess by process of elimination I could figure it out. But the alien icon for Reddit confuses me, I have no idea what Reddit exactly is so maybe it does relate somehow? Does it? Also, I find the MySpace icon as a little bit of a contradiction. Maybe it’s different now and more of a networking and group thing, but when I used it (probably like 10 years ago) it was literally a “MY” space. It was a page all about yourself, but the icon has three people on it, which I find a little misleading (unless it’s not so much a “MY” space anymore.)


    2. Same here, I feel like such a social… oh dear god I need to get outside more often… This is an interesting find, thanks for sharing 🙂 Great memory test, great reality check, and a fun break from serious content 🙂


  1. So I got 100%. However I didn’t know several of them. In some cases I was able to do a process of elimination and either get a 50-50 guess or had one obvious choice left. But you’re right in that some are as recognizable as the arches at McDonald and some are not.

    What I am wondering is why is some of them as recognizable as McDonald’s Arches and other aren’t?

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. That is a cute activity! I got 100% I knew all of them right away, not sure if I should be proud of that or not… I might use this quiz in my classroom. I teach a computer applications class and it is always fun to discuss social media with the kids. I also teach a Marketing class and it would be a fun way to start a discussion about how recognizable social media logos are and how important social media is for marketing.

    Thanks for sharing that!


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