Social Media Management

I read an interesting blog about managing social media. I think we all have at least one favorite social media page we follow and or subscribed to. Why? Maybe, it is extremely interesting. Maybe, the photos are simply amazing, or the author is able to express him or herself in writing very well! Some of us never inquire, let alone think of the work it takes to manage a social media page. Whether it is for business or pleasure it takes skills and consistency to keep others intrigued, entertained, and achieve high-level goals. After reading the blog, I was shocked to learn that some argue that social media management isn’t a job at all. When it is clear that the skills, tasks, responsibilities and time it takes to manage social media are well worth being paid!

Check out this blog to learn more about 5 skills a social media manager must have.

5 Skills Your Social Media Manager Must Have

I want to hear more about what you all think. Is social media management a job? Or…

Should it not be considered a job at all because it is everyone’s responsibility?



4 thoughts on “Social Media Management”

  1. If someone is managing a social media site for a company I defiantly think they should be pay for it and it should be considered a job. Like you said it is a lot to keep up with a social media site especially if you want to keep up the views and interactions. It can be a daily responsibility just like a job. If it is not for personal use I think the person should get paid for it. This makes me think of YouTube and how they pay YouTubers for posting video that brings viewers to their site. Maybe one day all social media site will pay people for their personal post. This is a topic I would like to do more research on because it is very interesting.

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  2. I believe that it is a job because it has the ability to affect the success of whatever social media platform you are using. Your identity online is received the same way it would be in person. So if I’m paid in person to represent a business of a product or service that affects the success of the company, managing a social media page for that business is the same thing just in a different presence.

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