TeamViewer — A Great Social Media Tool

After becoming a Training Specialist at my company, I was given the task of finding a new learning tool to use that would make our Database Training more engaging. After looking around for a bit and doing some research, I cam across a tool called TeamViewer. TeamViewer provides a great way to share desktops, as well as collaborate with multiple people online. With TeamViewer, I am able to see my “classroom” of trainees with personal webcams, and I can share my screen with them. Another great feature of TeamViewer is that you can allow other members of the group to take over the presentation, and have them demonstrate features. TeamViewer has really made my database training much more effective, and it is super easy to use. I encourage all trainers to give it a try if you are trying to connect with multiple people worldwide and host an engaging presentation or training.

Does anybody else recommend any engaging desktop sharing tools? I am curious if there are other free desktop sharing items out there.


Ashley Kidron


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I am currently a Training Specialist at a company called The Judge Group, and I am a student at Bloomsburg University for Instructional Technology.

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