3 Social Media Sites for Educators to Achieve Goals in the Classroom


There are endless social media tools for education and sometimes it can get overwhelming choosing which tool would work best for your wants and needs.  Some tools offer the best communication between the teacher and student, some offer communication between teacher to teacher, and some offer the best resources and community.  Here are a few sites that will help an educator achieve their end goal:

1. TeacherTube

  • The idea of this site and it’s tools make it useful for teachers to communicate with their students in an educational format.  There are tabs for docs, audio, and other unique features and resources that make this site so interesting.

2. The Connected Educator 

  • This is a great site for educator-educator connections. It is a tool to find other like-minded educators and connect and collaborate with them.

3. Skype 

  • I am sure most of us have used or know what Skype is.  But have you thought about it in an educational setting? Skype allows you to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time.  Students can connect with their teachers, but teachers can encourage their students to broaden their view of the world.  Set up virtual connections by contacting other teachers and students from anywhere in the world.

I hope these tools offer some interesting teaching methods and help you choose which social media tool to use in the classroom.

Haley Kramer


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