Brands Pay HOW Much For A Fashion Blogger Instagram?

My second post gives us a little detailed glimpse of how blogging can give you a high salary. In the fashion world bloggers are raking up dollars from having their own website in addition they have expanded and increased income by collaborating with brands on Instagram. Theses brands amazed me with the prices they are paying bloggers for single placement of products based off the bloggers following on the internet. 22 year-old blogger Danielle Bernstein surprised me with what she makes off specific products she wears on the Instagram page @WhatWeWore plus what she at least pulls in from her own blog and Instagram. Its mind boggling to think how personal creativity with the confidence to express can evolve into a following tthat can pay you handsomely. It makes me wonder if I could find the time to share my experiences that could potentially turn into profit.

Check out the blog to see more about how bloggers make big money off of Instagram

Do you think that this is an exploit or a innovative way to make money?

-David Johnson


One thought on “Brands Pay HOW Much For A Fashion Blogger Instagram?”

  1. It is not exploitative as long as you are using models and subjects that are getting their fair share. For example, if you paid a model $200 for their modeling time and are making $15,000 from the shoot… you are exploiting that model. If the model is getting paid for that same amount, knows the profit you are making, but is hoping to use it as a springboard- I see no problem.
    All in all, if you can make money from your own thoughts and hard work, go for it… more power to you. Once you involve others and are making an unbelievable amount off of them, be ready for criticism from someone.

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