Can You Make Real Money Blogging?

Since we talked about blogging over the past couple weeks, I questioned if there was any financial success in blogging. Is it possible to make some real money off of typing at a computer all day? Can you turn your precious thoughts into precious cash? Now there have been some blogs sold for millions because of their influence but as I read testimony from successful bloggers it seemed like it all it takes is dedication with a captivating presence to become a blogging tycoon. The captivating presence will attract advertisement where the visits per day add up the income. Even with those benefactors to me bloggers still need the time to birth, grow, and expand whatever topic/interest they are capitalizing off. See some helpful tips for those wanting to make money off blogging at: Can You Make Real Money Blogging?


How do you feel? Do you think there is financial success in blogging? Share your thoughts

-David Johnson


3 thoughts on “Can You Make Real Money Blogging?”

  1. Making money at blogging takes great talent but much luck too. I like how the article “brings you down to earth” but also gives you practical advice; for example, , read other blogs and comment leaving your blogs URL. Additionally, blogging can be used as a spring board and a credential builder.

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  2. I think making money blogging is a task that anyone can accomplish. I agree, I believe if you have the dedication to make good quality posts everyday you can build a following which can lead to financial success. Affiliate marketing is a huge industry!

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