Does blogging in the classroom really help you become a better writer?

I struggle with writing. This is why I took an internship that is primarily technical writing. I did not have a lot of writing classes or exercises in grade school to develop good writing skills. I struggled all through college to get through any writing exercise no matter how big or small. That includes this project. Now, I am not telling you this for your sympathy but just wanted to share my experience or lack there of with writing. I believe practice makes perfect right? My children seem to be following in my footsteps and this worries me. So I decided to research this topic and found two sources that I thought would be helpful especially for the teachers.

to-write-774648_640First there is a blog called te@chthought that shares a long list of statics on the subject of children’s writing proficiencies today. I was simply astounded at the information I read. I did not realize just how serious this issue is. The question is did you? On the blog they talk about our children being part of a writing crisis.

Kids in classroom

Next is a blog called eduTopia where I read that a teacher in a high school English teacher decided to conduct an experiment where she wanted to help increase her students writing skills by having them blog weekly. According to her the children’s writing skills improved by leap and bounds. So please go check out her story and how she implemented blogging in her class curricula.

So what do you think about writing proficiencies in the classrooms today? And what can social media do to help improve it?

-Melissa Miller


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