E-Learning Motivation: How To Keep Learners Engaged

A key issue said to be found in eLearning is the struggle to engage and motivate learners.  John Keller provides the ARCS model of Motivational Design as a useful starting point for the basics of motivational theory in eLearning.  Here is a picture of the model:

arcs-model-of-instructional-design_508aeee811f25 (1)

Attention, relevance, confidence, and satisfaction are the four elements Keller suggests that need to be applied to eLearning.  Attracting learners’ attention by doing something out of the ordinarygive examples of the learning’s relevance or even by recognizing individuals who have already used the learning for their own betterment, map out the learning journey the learners are about to set out on, give guidance on how much work will be involved and directly link this to potential success, and last but not least, develop a meaningful rewards system for your learners.

How would you motivate your learners? 

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Haley Kramer


One thought on “E-Learning Motivation: How To Keep Learners Engaged”

  1. One of my favorite ways to reach learners to motivate them is using extrinsic motivation to help them learn. Extrinsic motivation affects the learner best to me by being able to induce interest and participation in something whether they initially have interest or not. Another thing that I like about extrinsic motivation is it motivates the learner to acquire new skills and knowledge in whatever they are participating in. The higher the interest the more motivated the learner is the more capable they will be with acquiring knowledge. As a former VP of a mentoring organization I aimed at making our events extrinsically motivating for members so I would do events like video game tournaments with prizes. Not only would they get rewarded for coming they will be willing to attend the next event.


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