Ideas on Cross-Curricular Blogging

When your principal says the words “blog” and “cross-curricular” in the same sentence, do not panic.  

It seems that cross-curriculum planning has been around forever; and goes in and out of style like pleated pants.  As with many learning initiatives, some teachers can make it work without a hitch, while others go in pure panic mode.  What would these same teachers do if their administrator adds the words “technology,” social media,” or “blog” to the conversation?  I predict a pure meltdown.


The following blog entry at  Learning Bird Ednest will help any teacher with ideas on how to incorporate blogging and cross-curricular planning.

After reading this blog, I gained greater knowledge of how any teacher can incorporate blogging into their cross-curricular planning.

If you are a teacher, do not panic… the people at Learning Bird has your back.

-Joe Vilcheck


One thought on “Ideas on Cross-Curricular Blogging”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Having students use blogs could help in a project I designed for the Technology Planning Across the Curriculum class that integrates environmental science with English and history pieces. The project was named the 21st Century Environment project and it integrated writing and science elements.


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