Debunking 4 Myths of Social Learning

I found a blog with the title “Debunking 4 Myths of Social Learning” by Blackboard. It outlines some misconceptions about what Social Learning is and what it isn’t.

Myth #1: Social Learning is new. Social Learning has been around for hundreds of years. Think back to Aristotle; he encouraged people to go out and create their own theories and build on what he taught. Social learning is basically when people learn together in groups.

Myth #2: Social Learning is the same as Social Media. Social Media can help social learning by connecting people together, but it also causes distractions when not used correctly.

Myth #3: Social Learning is just for fun. 

“When allowed to let go of the rules that accompany formal term papers, the changes were significant. They (the students) were more expressive.”

Myth #4: Social Learning doesn’t have broad appeal. 

“Modern day social learning is a reflection of the educational environment today’s students have helped create for themselves (and future students) to perform at their best.”

-Kimberly Wondoloski


2 thoughts on “Debunking 4 Myths of Social Learning”

  1. The last point was outstanding, it captured the essences of students as contributors to their learning environments and the change in how we learn and possibly the education system for the future.


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