Deleting Old Tweets

This was a very interesting video that featured Mark Cuban. He talked about how you should delete all of your old posts and tweets. He said that companies are taking all of your information and making a profile on you. They know your next step even before you do. All of this information is being used by future employers and schools you might go to, to see if you would be a good candidate. There are teams of people that take this information and compare it to other people and make an assumption about you. That is why he is creating apps that will delete things a few minutes after you send it and no one will be able to trace it. Deleting my old tweets and facebook statuses and even text messages is something I never really thought of doing. Is this something that a lot of people do?


One thought on “Deleting Old Tweets”

  1. Good video! It is just as important to know how to delete a Tweet (or a post, status, etc) than it is to create one in the first place.


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