Hot Blog Topics/Blogs vs News

As we all searched for different blogs on social media iI wondered what the top social media blogs were in 2015. So of course I google search “Top 10 Social Media Blogs’” and BOOM the first link in the search had the golden listNone of which I found interesting.  The list gave short uninteresting blurbs about each social media blog and did its best to “promote” the blogger and its content. #Failed.

So this created a new interest for me…who are the top influencers in social media. I scrolled through a lengthy blog and then….the list.  I scanned the list of names hoping to find one familiar name, my first thought…”Who comes up with stuff?” 

glowing yellow light bulb as inspiration concept

Then it dawned on me. Nobody really cares who the blogger is or whose blog is the best. We search for what interest us the most. So, for your entertainment, the list below contains the top 10 searched blogs topics and trending news, culture, etc. Now we are getting somewhere! “Hottest Topics: Trending news, culture and entertainment for the Seattle area.”  These are the topics and familiar names I am use to bombarding my daily “news” feeds recently.   But wait…news? blogs?

Are blogs replacing news media have traditional news media adapted to the social media trends?

In a study by Marcus Messner and Bruce Garrison, “Study Shows Some Blogs Affect Traditional News Media Agendas, ” it summarizes that traditional media has used blogs to editorialize some of their articles to support their claims.

This study, which explored the source interaction between elite traditional news media and political filter blogs, found traditional news media frequently cite blogs in their coverage, but the source attribution to the blogs is often vague.

Hmmm… we continue to learn about the great resource and growing trend of blogs in the classroom, we can use this information to help engage our learners in conversation and learning; however, we must not forget that blogs are not credible resources for research in academia. 

Top 10 Searched Blog Topics

  1. Fashion
  2.  Relationships
  3. Finance
  4. Q&A Blogs
  5. Buy & Sell
  6. Social Media
  7. Technology
  8. Blogging Tips

“Hottest Topics: Trending news, culture and entertainment for the Seattle area.”

1. Why Caitlyn Jenner didn’t spell her name with a ‘K’

2. Woman goes blind from cat-scratch disease

3. Hooters waitress donates kidney to customer

4. Ben & Jerry’s unveils climate change awareness ice cream at Tesla

Click the link for the entire list…

Food For Thought

S. Musgrove


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