Ways to Build Social Media Following

In our contemporary society, social media is king. The old saying of “it’s not what you know. its who you know” still rings true, just in an adjusted medium. This article from Entrepreneur.com lists a few ways social media users can expand their brand and following: Entrepreneur Article.

There are a few great suggestions included in this article, not to mention the first two suggestions are on blogging and podcasts. This article is all about getting your name and brand out to the public. It is not only tips on the proper steps to take in expanding a social media audience, but some of the suggestions include ways to keep that audience. It is a quick and beneficial article that can help with your social media presence.


2 thoughts on “Ways to Build Social Media Following”

  1. Great article Steph. I met an alumni from the program that reinforced many of the tips given in this article. It was highly recommend to me from this alumni to create a twitter account and make tweets regarding instructional technology. Just as the article infers I believe it helps brand you as an individual.


  2. Thanks for sharing this article, Stephanie. I am in the process of kickstarting up a small business venture that specializes in the sale of silk garments and accessories, and so the tips provided through this link are especially pertinent to what I am doing. I plan on utilizing some of these in my effort to expand my brand and make my name known.


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