Updated Feat-cheers – Microsoft Windows 10- How Microsoft used Social Media

We have lived in a wonderful time… A time where our best friend, the Internet, came to existence with a meme and an innuendo followed by kittens and our sleep schedules!  Continue reading Updated Feat-cheers – Microsoft Windows 10- How Microsoft used Social Media


Are Search and Social ousting L&D?

Jane Hart, an expert on social learning, had an entry on her blog a few months ago talking about a survey she did, where it was revealed that “company training or e-learning is the lowest rated way to learn at work, whilst knowledge sharing within teams, web search, conversations and professional networking are the most valued.”

The reason there is a demand for instructional designers is because there are improvements to be made in the way training is currently done. I don’t see “Search and Social” to be the end-all be-all of talent development to replace formal training or e-learning, but I can definitely see it as useful for teams to collaborate and find out about a topic. For example, employees could gain a better understanding on compliance related topics, such as ADA or FERPA, through Search and Social, where they look up the information themselves and discuss.

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Imam Elahi, MSIT Candidate